Sunday, 11 March 2012

Short Review : Tea for two and a piece of cake

When I decide to write a review on a book or a place I can do that without much thinking....its just putting down your opinions difficult is that... :)

But today I kept wondering on how should I begin this post. So much is said and written about Preeti Shenoy's 3rd book Tea for two and a piece of cake that I feel there is nothing much more to write or say about.

Its a beautiful story about an average everyday girl and how her world changes completely. I am amazed the way her character has evolved from being a simple girl to a stronger confident person.

I am so thankful that the climax is not predictable and not a typical "hindi movie ending".... I don't want to reveal much and hamper the excitement of those who haven't read this one yet.

But yes, I can say this is a good light read and different from the previous 2 books of Preeti's. The language is simple and the story easy to relate to. So go grab your copy now....and dont forget your cup of tea and a piece if cake :)

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