Thursday, 27 September 2012

Book Review : Confessionally Yours

Confessionally Yours by Jhoomur Bose is an excellent read. It is a story of Polly who deals with a Hitler like boss who piles on loads of work on her and thinks she is incapable of writing any good article, she deals with the most annoying Mother In Law (I felt like jumping in the book and hitting her, I tell u) who comes visiting and stays on like glue stuck on ur bottom, nor can u move nor can you sit there all your life, she deals with her husband who gets back with his ex-girlfriend, she deals with a friend who finds her very tame and it gets you wondering if she really is a friend......

I had no clue how this book would be and had picked it up on impulse but now I don't regret it. I was glued to the book to know what happens next and next and next before I knew I had finished reading and it left me thinking... The author has wonderfully created characters in this intense feminine story with a little humor a little sarcasm and a little bit of reality.

The way the story shapes up, from Polly being a pushover to a strong person if very interesting. This book stands out as a good one time read. 

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