Friday, 20 April 2012

Friends....your spice in life

How much is said and written about relationships. Today when I look around I have so many people who know me who are really good friends but there are just a few of them who really really know me and these are the people who I can really count on whenever I need them. 

In life we meet many a kind but it is always necessary to have someone whom you can share stuff or moreover could just meet and laugh away those sad feelings away that life bestows upon us. Life is not perfect always there are ups and downs and how you look at them is all that matters. You can either see them as a bumpy ride in one of those back breaking vehicles or you can see them as a joy ride which you will enjoy till the end.

I have a wonderful set of friends with whom I can share anything and laugh away till our tummy hurts and we have tears in our eyes. I love these people and cherish them. I have had bad people in my life as well, I say bad is because I hate it when people treat you like you are born for their convenience. They soon forget or rather dont even realise what all you do for them and then they try to take a walk on you. Trust me its better to throw such people out of your life the moment you see such signs. You rather be alone and happy than be with such people and hurt yourself.

I dont like to keep grudges cause people do what they have to do. All I do is forget....yes I forget that such people exist in the world. It is rightly said "Be the change you want to see" when I cant change a person its better I change and move on. 

There are many people who have lost friends, people who have walked out of their lives without any rhyme or reason...are such people really worth calling friends? When they can easily forget the time you both spent with each other how wonderful the friendship was then I think its best you too do the same...forget. I know some people say its difficult to forget and saying such things are easy but trust me I have gone through the same and within a few days I was back on track to my smiley self. There is no point in wasting time on such people.

I had been wanting to write this post for sometime cause I consider my blog this great canvas where I can vent my feelings and paint it with all the colours I want. 

Relationships or Friendships are very delicate, if let loose they can slip away or if held tight they will snap and break away. Enjoy your life you have just one after all. 


  1. true.. they do
    check out my blog

    1. Hey Ray...welcome to blogging...waiting for the contest on ur blog.... :)

  2. any relationship is delicate...requires a lot of dedication. friendships happen every now and then, but only a few stay tied together for long time.

    1. So true, Titaxy....every relation needs time, trust and love...that's what keeps it strong :)