Monday, 11 June 2012

Book Review: Nick of Time & Ladies Coupe

If you are looking for complete bollywood masala then this is the book you should read. It has everything in friends, love triangle, typical punjabi shaadi.....and of course the masala.

Komal Mehta in her debut novel, Nick of Time, has done her best to give us a fun filled book that you would enjoy reading. I liked the book, being a rom-com fan that I am and I did feel that I was watching a movie.

Its a well written story that revolves around 3 childhood friends Shagun, Alehya and Vicky and I cant really call it a love triangle cause its just a triangle....and why do I call it that, well you will get to know once you have read the book.

The story begins with Alehya quitting her job and getting a call from her best friend Shagun who tells her that she is getting married and wants her to come to Chandigarh asap. Little does she know that this trip would be a life turning point for her.

After reading this fun book I turned to my next pick Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair. The story of a woman's search for strength and independence and very important....the search for an answer to the most asked question, " Can a woman stay alone and yet be happy?"....

The story is about Akhila a forty-five year old who has never had the liberty to live her OWN life...always the daughter, the sister, the provider....until one day she decides to take on a journey with a one way ticket to Kanyakumari in search of answers to her questions. During her journey in the Ladies Coupe she meets different women who share their life stories with her and she tries to draw her answers whilst she listens to them and slips back and forth into the memories of the incidents of her life.

I completely loved the book and it is a must read....the author Anita Nair has such good sense of putting life into each character. Each story is so intense and finely drawn that it would be difficult to put down the book once you have begun. 



  1. Ladies Coupe sounds interesting! Though I can't say that about Nick of Time. Not my kind of book :|

    Nice review anyway! I got to know about two more books! :)

    1. Hey Ashna...thanks for your comment :)

      Yes I agree with you, Nick of Time wont appeal to all but Ladies Coupe is an amazing book...each story of every character will completely engulf you!

      Oh and I love reading your are filled and blessed with creativity :)