Friday, 6 July 2012

Book Review: Intermission & To Live Once Again

Intermission by Nirupama Subramanian is one of the books I read in the last two weeks and I yet dont understand why the title. The rating for this one would be average. Its just another extra marital affair story....nothing great about it and nothing in particular that will make you feel "wow" about it. The story is about a forty four year old man Varun who is a father to a sixteen year old and has fallen for Sweety who is a young mother. They emotionally connect with each other and then get physically involved as well. And then starts the hushed meetings, behaving like a teenager.....everything that a person does when he says he is in love.

The writing style of the author is good. This is her second book the first one being Keep the change which I have not yet read. There is nothing much I would like to say about this book only that I didnt enjoy it much as there was nothing new to it.

The next one I read was To Live Once Again by Jayanti Anubhav which is a cute looking book because of its size. Its just 136 pages and I finished it pretty soon. Its a story about two girls Yamini and Lavanya who have a rather troubled childhood and find solace in each others in the friendship that blossoms between them when they meet at a boarding school. They become best of friends sharing everything..... until one day they find out that they have shared too much.

Though its a book of few pages the author has not failed to describe every character, every emotion and every place with such beautiful detailing and all this packed into that small little book makes the story very convincing. Being a debut novel for the author Jayanti I must say she has done a good job and this is an excellent read!!! And yes, the title is so apt !!!  :)


  1. Oh To Live Once Again sounds interesting! I'll pick this one up! Nice review :)

  2. Yes, it is a nice read especially the author's style of writing makes it more interesting :)

  3. Hi Avina, Nice posts,we friends run a group "Book Worms" on Facebook where we read,discuss and review books. May I have the honour to add you at my FB so that you become a part of or group . Please let me know. My facebook page is with the name gunjan naithani

    1. Hi Gunjan, Thanks for dropping by. It would be my pleasure to be a part of a group who loves to read....please do add me and I shall respond as soon as I can.