Friday, 17 August 2012

Book Review: Custody by Manju Kapoor

Custody by Manju Kapoor touches the delicate and emotional issue that follows divorce.

Raman and Shagun, a couple with two children have a peaceful life going until Shagun meets Raman's boss Ashok. Raman has to travel constantly being the marketing head and trying to promote his company's products. At the same time his boss and his beautiful wife get involved in a passionate affair leading to Shagun trying to find the meaning of her life. She ask Raman for a divorce and moves out of the house. When Raman refuses a divorce she takes away the only beautiful aspect in his life.....the children.

At the same time somewhere else, Ishita a young divorcee tries to find happiness in her social work. She was divorced and forgotten by her once-so-loving husband because she could not bear a child for the family. She happens to meet Raman and his little daughter and gets attracted towards him to fulfill her desire of having a family and children. She falls in love with his daughter as if she were her own.

Then starts the ugly battle of custody where both the kids are torn apart from each other....their emotional state being confused between two families, two mothers and two countries...

This is one of the best of Manju Kapoor and the way she has handled such a delicate issue is commendable.

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