Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012....Welcome 2013!!!

Its the last day of the year....there is something about this "last day of the year" feeling that is totally not explainable. People get all emotional, make up resolutions and get into an all party mood to ring in the new year with great gusto.

What I don't get is if we have to set a resolution why not do it any day of the year or if we have to party why not party on any day and enjoy just as much as we do on new years eve...we always need a reason for change and sometimes not, right? I am not killing the new year spirit here but just emphasizing how great this feeling of new year's eve is!!!!

I am down with bad cold and a headache that just doesn't want to leave me but I am not going to let it kill my excitement for my party tonight. I am at work and have my meds and cough syrup right on my table next to the warm soothing lemon tea. I am making all efforts to feel alright so that I can enjoy myself. Really its just the feeling that is not letting me succumb and keeping me going through the day.

There is indeed this feeling on 31st December where I am sure all would sit and think about the year gone by and are engrossed in planning or wondering what the coming year has in store for us. There are many things we have learnt from life and there are many things we are yet to learn.Personally I have had a splendid year....truly enjoyed it be it good times or bad. Cause I know good or will pass, all we have to do is hold on to ourselves and be strong.

I cant wait for January 2013 to begin as I have a short trip planned to one of the loveliest place on earth...Goa!!!

So here is wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!! Let bygones be bygones and bring in the new year with new hope and luck for everything you do!

Let the party begin!!!!

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