Sunday, 28 April 2013

Book Review: Ask me no questions & Spicy bites of biryani

This is a book review post for 2 books that I read recently....finally I get to post it :)

1. As me no questions by Marina Budhos :

This is a story of Nadira a Bangladeshi living with her family in New York city with expired visas living with a dream of being permanent citizens of the Unites States. But after the 9/11 incident everything changes for them, being a muslim means you are the next  suspected terrorist. Every muslim men from certain middle eastern countries are required to register with the US government providing valid ID documents. This leads Nadira and her family to drive down to the Canadian border to seek asylum where their documents are checked and her father has been detained by the US government and not allowed to enter Canada. Nadira's mother stays back at the shelter house to be present at the trails her father goes through and Nadira along with her sister Aisha return to the country and stay with their aunt and uncle acting and continuing their life as normal. 

Thus beings the tryst of getting their father out of jail and getting their documents in place. Nadira's sister Aisha is a brilliant student and has been nominated to be her high school valedictorian. But she slowly falls apart where she completely breaks down and Nadira who is always considered the fat and lazy girl decides to do something about the situation and try and put her family back together. 

This is a very well written novel describing immigration issues of hard working innocent people who struggle to give the best to their family with a constant fear of being an illegal. A very strong book that I would recommend to all.

2. Spicy Bites of Biryani: Because Life Needs a Little Masala by Ashwina Garg

In this book the story revolves around Sanjay, Aditi, Mayank and Jayashree....Sanjay a US returned millionaire who is looking to marry and settle down, Aditi who is a commitment phobic who keeps having flings and dumping guys with different reasons and Mayank and Jayashree the perfect couple dealing with their not so perfect family and project deadlines at work.

The characters are very well defined and makes the story line even more stronger. 

This is a well written fiction different from the usual casual college romances that are doing the rounds. Its mature, witty and humorous too. The book gets interesting once Sanjay and Aditi start seeing each other. This is Ashwina's debut novel and its a pretty good one at that. Anyone looking for a light read can definitely pick this one. Lets see if we get a second one from the author. It is surely a change from the same old romance novels that we get to read from the budding authors. 

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