Friday, 1 March 2013

My blog My blog...I have missed you so much

I hope I finally end up publishing this has been happening in the recent past where I have started typing out a post and then saving it for later and then it just ends up as an addition to the long list of drafts ....aaarghhh...I just hate that!!!

Ok yesterday morning I almost dragged myself to work, I dont know why but lately I have sort of been low on energy...not that I am a power puff girl but yeah I just wasn't finding anything interesting at all. But when I walked to my work desk I noticed that my florist had placed some beautiful flowers on my desk and in an instant my mood was so much better that I could sing a song and do a slow motion dance.....No, I didnt do that of course else my boss would have sent me home citing mental reasons....(grinnnn)

Here is a pic of my work desk....look how beautiful they are.....

And today when I walked in....oh my god....just look at the picture below....the flowers had bloomed and they looked even more prettier. i had no idea those flowers would bloom...I am every 5 seconds looking at them and feeling so calm and nice. And its friday....that day of the week employees wait for just like the parched earth waits for that drop of rain.... :-)

Here have a look.....

I am so glad finally I am posting this....and have a nice weekend friends...until next time this is chirpy Avina signing off....

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