Sunday, 11 September 2011

Reading Away...Watching to Stay...

Its books books around me and weekend filled with watching rom-com’s….yes I have been watching them and feeling so good. Its always nice to have good humor around you and when that is accompanied with some good romance…nothing like it (I am talking about movies here J or maybe not)

The latest books I read were Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer, The Alchemist but Paulo Coelho and Right Fit Wrong Shoe by Varsha Dixit. All without a doubt very good reads.

The Alchemist is known for the wonderful quotes and wisdom it provides…wisdom to those who really try and understand what the book actually wants to say…I will consider myself one of the lucky ones J

Only Time Will Tell was my first Jeffery Archer book that I picked and I wasn’t all that impressed. Good storyline but bored with a lot of details. The story set in early 20’s and the first few pages really bored me but then the story got interesting and it had me reading it till the end and I must say it is well written.

Right Fit Wrong Shoe is a complete Bollywood story written in the same style as well. I must admit though that I finished the book in just one sitting, yeah it was interesting, which love stories aren’t?

And talking of love stories, Leap Year is one of the romantic comedy movies which is a good watch. Also Friends with Benefits the recent flick is much more like No strings attached…on the same lines and both are really funny movies. I don’t understand the reason behind emphasizing on the subject of two friends coming together, doing it (you know what I mean) and trying hard not to fall in love!!! But eventually they do fall in love and the movie turns out into another love story!!! I really hope people stop making such films cause I think the audience have “GOT it”….that the “just friends with BENEFITS” tag doesn’t exist. But I do admit I enjoyed the humor in both the movies!!! J

Okay this post is turning into more of a review blog but can’t help it, that’s what I have been doing for the past few days. The city is all into enjoying the festive season and I find my celebrations in the little things I do. But yes, the festive season is here and there are more to follow. It’s an amazing site to see where all come together to celebrate and the city is all dressed up with lights, colour and magic.

Yes, I would say magic cause festivals are the time where all come together as one and enjoy the moment; they forget their differences and try to make a new beginning.

So everyone enjoy yourself and till I get back with some more reviews…(kidding)…take care J


  1. Kane and Abel by Jeffery Archer is classic, read it. Paulo Coelho has got very unique style and subject. He is simply great.

  2. Thanks for your comment...Santosh :)
    Yes, I agree, Paulo Coelho is very enlightening...
    About Kane and Abel, I heard a friend say it is a very nice read...will defn read that one soon :)