Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Relationships turned E-lationships

Heard a news lately that a girl (dont want to mention names here) an IIM Bangalore student committed suicide when her ex-boyfriend dumped her on the social networking site Facebook. His status message said : "Feeling cool today. Dumped my ex-girlfriend. Happy independence day."  I had been reading various things said about the boy, yes he was a jerk to do what he did. I dont even want to comment on such people.

But the girl, bless her soul, doing something that she did without once thinking about her family, friends and her future just doesn't feel right. Getting dumped on a public forum is heart breaking but not the end of the world. 

Its high time and with such incidences people should be aware that too much should not be shared on public forums about your life, you life that is private and needs just your comments or likes and dislikes. Talking about something general having a view, a debate is an altogether different thing and a healthy way to interact as well. Sharing pictures, videos and sharing your happiness is a great way of letting friends know you are happy. 

And if you have to share your very personal stuff...then guys there is a message tab where you can send out personal message and not let your entire friends list know that you had a horrible date, got a tattoo somewhere we dont want to know or for that matter dumped someone.

The social networking sites are not going to make things better for us but they are going to make it better for themselves where they will get some more features where maximum clicks are obtained, maximum exposure is obtained and our personal life is at stake. Also read an article today which says Facebook tracks what you do online even when you have logged out!!! Scared??? Read the article here and be careful. 

Coming back to the point why I actually started writing this post was to know what happened to Relationships that where built over coffee, over movies together, over long drives, over going for a picnic with friends, over that one look in the eye, over those perfumed letters....???? Okay I know letters were like decades ago...but all I can say is Relationships are now become E-lationships!!!! Everything is Online. Sometimes we call technology a boon but sometimes dont you think we overdo it? Well, each one has his own perspective, to each his own!

I am not against the social networking sites they are great, I have got in touch with so many long lost friends myself. Its a great way of connecting with one and all, knowing what the other is upto. The only thing I feel is that people should not be so addicted to it and some private details should not be blared out in the open.

And god forbid if someone does end up sharing lewd comments about you, let it be, show some dignity, just delete that person and move on. You dont have to stoop to that persons level and make a fool of yourself too. Such people dont deserve to be in your life. 

You are wonderful. Believe that, Smile and Move On!!!! J

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