Tuesday, 23 August 2011

One Picture of me... :)

Finally I have reached the end of the 10 Day you Challenge and it was so much fun....I have been slow in completing it though but its for the best.

I have returned from my long amazing vacation to Goa and I waited for this post to be drafted once I am back cause I wanted to capture some lovely pics and get it uploaded here.

I ended up clicking some really good pics which I shall share in my later post but for now this is one of my favorite as it has been clicked by my lovely 3 year old niece Arpita.... :)Throughout the vacation I was her model and she the photographer.

So here is me.....

And finally this is the end to the 10 day you challenge...... :)

I am off to reading Jeffrey Archer...Only Time Will Tell....
My next post????......well Only Time Will Tell......Catch ya soon......


  1. Yayyyyy so you finally uploaded a pic of yours !
    Lovely :)
    And congratulations for completing the 10 day challenge :)

  2. Hey Neha....thanks....yeah the challenge was fun....!!!!