Friday, 22 July 2011

I had been browsing I'm back!!!

My next post was supposed to be on a travel destination which I had visited last year…..but instead I thought of parking it for a while… I have been through various blogs these past few days and there are so many interesting things people write about. I love the way they express their views and how people enjoy reading them when they can really relate to the same emotions…feelings…experiences…

Some of them write about themselves and some write about books, food…various things….I love reading people’s reviews on books they have read…how each one of them has a different point of view towards the same story.

I have been stocking up books and reading them too, all a light read, not that I enjoy only light reading but at the moment I don’t want to take up something that will keep me thinking for days. Yeah books do that to me….they are my best friends indeed!!! So now my table has done away with the MBA notes and books and it has a stack of The Fountainhead (which I intent to read next month), 2 books of Richard Bach again to be read later….then 2 books of Preeti Shenoy…already read and loved them....Sudha Murthy’s How I taught my grandmother…which I shall read after I finish the 2 books of Anurag Anand…phew….alot of reading to be done…

Once I finish How I taught my grandmother….I have two more books to go of Sudha Murthy, she is a very good writer…her stories are so simple and nice to read. there I go talking about books again………. J

There is one interesting challenge called the 10 day challenge that I came across some blogs….and I too would love to take it…..yeah bring it on!!!!

But this has got to be one step at a time……… we start with the ten secrets….coming up tomorrow J or maybe a few days later cause this will get me thinking…and ten secrets which will never be a secret again once I reveal them….ummmm...this gotta take time...!!!

This is a great exercise, more of a reveal yourself exercise but more of a know yourself challenge…cause this will make you think and you will realize stuff about yourself…which maybe fun J
So even if you don’t want to reveal these details grab a pen and paper and take up the challenge for yourself…know thy self and you shall conquer the world….dont know where that line came from…but made sense…right?

All the best……see ya soon…

Till then…. Adios Amigos… J

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