Monday, 25 July 2011

Love is in the air: Nine loves

How do we love to be in love or to love someone…..its a wonderful feeling and this doesn’t have to be being in love with a person…it can be simple things as well…anything that makes you happy, makes you smile…feel good about yourself or of your surroundings.

Coming to the challenge listed below are my Nine Loves….

1. Family : Arpita, my niece, I simply adore her, love her. She always brings a smile on my face. My parents and my sister, for making me what I am today.

2. Nature and the ways it never fails to fascinate me. I love watching the sky.

3. Friends – selective few, who have been there when I needed them, when I wanted someone to just hear me out.

4. Sweets - I love sweets especially Gulab Jamun, at a buffet I will first hit the dessert counter and then go for the salads and main course.

5. Books – I can’t imagine not having books in my life. Love reading and now slowly started to love writing as well.

6. Going on a holiday J…yayyyy…I have one planned for next month and just cant wait..!!!!

7. Movies, I watch almost each and every Bollywood movie the very next day of its release or the same day (okay I am exaggerating but I do watch a lot of movies) . I also love watching Hollywood movies as well and I try and catch them as much as I can on TV.

8. Music & Dance – Listening to music and dancing too. I love to dance.

9. Someone secret…..who may very soon not be a secret anymore J

Only Nine…..I have so many more to go….!!!! J
Wow, the list has kept me smiling throughout. J

This was easier than the secrets and now I look forward to the fears…hmmm…will post that as soon as I can….this is fun…I am enjoying it…hope you are too… J


  1. Oh I can totally feel the joy that listing down things about yourself feels.... I have enjoyed this challenge thouroughly too :)

  2. Thanks Neha.... :)
    I am waiting for you to come to your last challenge that is "One picture of yourself"... :)