Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself: Eight Fears

Read a nice article written by the author Chetan Bhagat which appeared in the Times Of India. Here’s the link to it….

I think every woman should read this article, it’s all about being stress free and happy. I think that’s the right way to be, I know some may say it’s easier said than done, true, but it’s worth a try J

Today’s challenge is about fear, every person should try to overcome them and if they can’t it doesn’t matter…so what if I have a fear…no one is perfect and strong…it’s good to be afraid of some things in life…it helps you not take life for granted.

Here goes my list….my eight fears…:

1. Losing my loved one’s and the most important relationships in my life – Yes, I guess this applies to all and it scares me a lot that I wont be able to speak to someone who is very dear to my heart.

2. Darkness – Pitch dark and you got me petrified to death!!!! That would also include loss of sight.

3. Height – It gets me all dizzy……. L

4. I am kind of claustrophobic. Being in closed or very crowded places makes me very uncomfortable….very!

5.  Any natural calamity and the way life gets disrupted…during and after…

6. World without books and creative people….how everything would be so dull and boring L

7. Getting lost in an unknown place with no means of communication…and I think this should also include the fear of losing my cell phone…. J

8. A less green Earth…..Save our Planet people….Plant more tress… J

Done. This did take time. It’s good that I am aware of my fears but I am glad it’s not getting the better of me.

Next are the 7 Wants….just 7??? I am human and aren’t humans the greedier lot…ha ha ha….


  1. Hey.. I have read that awesome piece by CB and for sure he makes so much sense!!

    And the fear of losing the dear ones..I know :( is the biggest !

    Eagerly looking fwd to ur 7 wishes now ;)

  2. an excellent idea.... everyone of us should list down their 10 days you challenge.... surely it will make a big difference..... knowing ourselves is the most difficult thing.. and it is also the way to achieve success and satisfaction in life....

  3. Neha : Workiing on the wishes...its difficult to restrict the count to 7, I guess you know better, you too have done this exercise :)

    Darshan : Welcome my friend :)
    Yes, knowing thyself is very important in order to achieve the goals set by us. Nurturing oneself is a constant process and we should aim at improving it always :)