Tuesday, 2 August 2011

“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”: Seven Wants

Considering the days it took me to get back to my 10 day you challenge you will know how difficult it is to have just seven wants….

Ok after a lot of thought I have my seven wants as follows:

1. A lot of money and a beautiful home. Yes, that’s true, who doesn’t want lots of money? And a home well that’s a dream of so many people. It’s not that I am homeless, I do have a home but I want one which is beautiful and has all the luxuries in it. Most important I want a room where I can have many many books with a lovely reading chair.

2. Health, happiness and peace to all my loved ones. I pray that each one of them is always healthy and always happy in whatever they do J

3. A vacation every 3 months and it should last for a week. I want to see a lot of places and I think everyone should take a break from their busy life more often.

4. A perfect healthy mind and body. I say mind and body is because I believe beauty is intelligence and what you think keeps you healthy, a healthy mind helps you stay positive. I want a perfect body as I want to shed all the extra kilos I have J No, I don’t want a thinner me….but a healthy me.

5. A greener earth and less environmental problems. It is so sad to see the world losing all its natural beauty being exploited; this in turn is going to affect our future. Plant more trees, say no to plastic.

6. A satisfying career. I want to be successful and be satisfied with what I have achieved when I turn 40. I want to look back and think I did a pretty good job J

7. I want to be loved and cared for always. I want to have people who love me around me till I depart from this world.

There you go….my seven wants…there are so many more….some which are more personal…but yes most of the above cover it all.

Next post, six places….I just visited one local place called Lonavla this weekend…yes I call it local because half of Mumbai lands up at Lonavla every rainy weekend.

Too much crowd and too much traffic but the refreshing weather and the place being completely covered in clouds even at noon covers up for all the stress the traffic and crowd gives you.

Here’s are some pics that will give you a glimpse of the perfectly romantic weather.

On my return from this place I was thinking to myself that on my next visit I may not find this place as it was the several times I had been here. A place I longed to go to is slowly losing its value. 

Okay, will be back soon with my next post....till then take care.

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